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    Lightsaber Video Cuts and Linking Them Together to Export...

    StormKat31 Level 1

      Greetings everyone, my name is StormKat and I have a question for you all and I need in the most lamen terms on how to do this.   I have Adobe After Effects CS4 and I just made a little Star Wars video a few months back and finally obtained this program.   Okay, The clips are divided into 3 clips. I have handcrafted my own props the way I did it, would be how the Production Studios would do so.   Okay. In the scene I made, I have a lightsaber handle without the Pvc tube pipe attached to it. The second prop the lightsaber handle, it was built into the Pvc tube.  1st. scene I don't have the Pvc tube. I am using an empty lightsaber handle, I use Andrew Kramers Lightsaber preset to ignite the lightsaber special effect.  Which is on the first clip.   On the second clip, my wife turns the camera off to put the Pvc tube pipe in my hand and takes away the empty lightsaber prop.   With the Pvc tube pipe in my hand, I am waving the lightsaber and the special effect around with my dialogue added to it for a few moments.   At the end of my acting, my wife turns the camera off for the second time to put the "empty" lightsaber handle back in my hand for the 3rd.clip.   Now with the "empty" lightsaber handle in my hand, the special effect for the Lightsaber is still turned on. Now I have turned the special effect off, for the lightsaber to be turned off, when I push my button.   Those are the three separated clips.   Now, how do I take all of those 3 clips and merge them into one for Exporting onto 1 single file, so I can watch as a single movie?   Now I ask for this to be explained into the most lamen detailed terms.   Will you give me a step by step instruction?