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    New to Dreamweaver.. Linking pages causes "shift" in layout"

    alexisfrsh Level 1

      Hi, I'm very new to Dreamweaver(this is my first project).. I've picked up a lot from tutvid.com tutorials, however one thing elludes me.


      I'm trying to link my homepage buttons to the correct page within the site(ex- "info" button to "info" page).

      The buttons are slices imported from Photoshop(I designed the entire layout in Photoshop and imported it as html and images.) To link everything, I select the button, and down in the properties bar I drag the "Link" arrow to the corresponding .html file. After linking the two, the layout in Dreamweaver shifts slightly allowing small, white gaps to pop up all around the button and to the right of my page. These problems are also seen while previewing in IE and Firefox. There is also a blue box around the button in the preview(but not in Dreamweaver).


      How can I fix this? Any tips & advice are very much appreciated!


      (I'm running on Windows Vista and Adobe CS4.)