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    Flash Builder & RAD 7.5.5/WAS 6.1/7.0


      I'm trying to create a Flex/Java combined wtp project with BlazeDS and creating the first one in the workspace works fine. "Fine" meaning the Flex project and associated EAR proj are created as expected. Now when I create a second combined Flex/Java project the Module/WAR from the new project is automatically added to the old EAR project. Is there any way to force Flash Builder to create a new EAR project based on the project name?


      Current Functionality

      First Project:

      Test1 -> Test1EAR


      Second Project(WRONG):

      Test2 -> Test1EAR


      Desired Functionality

      First Project:

      Test1 -> Test1EAR


      Second Project (CORRECT):

      Test2 -> Test2EAR


      ** My current work around**

      1) Create the new EAR project (i.e. Project2EAR)

      2) Create Flex/Java combined project

      3) Remove the new WAR Module from Project1EAR

      4) Add the new WAR Module to Project2EAR

      5) Add the application to the WAS server