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    PDF Generator and Outlook msg files

    cactus70 Level 1

           Hi, I have a question, we are evalutating PDF generator and I am trying to convert .msg files - how do you do this?  Doesn't look like there is an option to do this through the interface.  Does anyone have experience doing this?  I can't seem to fin anything online on doing this.


      Thanks for your help.



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          dawittwe Level 1

          Hi Stuart,

          Unfortunately, PDF Generator does not support msg files. As msg is a compressed file, like zip, you would have to create your own component to unwrap the msg file to html or rtf files, plus any attachments, and then submit each file to PDF Generator.


          In addition, you would have to implement some processes on LiveCycle to handle the conversions.


          I do know of a component which interacts with PDF Generator to convert msg files to pdf.

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            cactus70 Level 1

            Hi, Thanks for your reply.  Could you point me to this componenet?


            Also, What about creating some sort of script file that tells PDF/G how to open outlook and do this?

            Is this worth following up on?  Has anyone done this sucessfully?

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              dawittwe Level 1


              Sorry for my late reply. The component I know of is made by the company I work for. It is not publically available, but if you give me your email address, then perhaps we could discuss the possibilities there?


              I don't know of anyone who has created a script to use Outlook for the conversion.

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                TundraSteve Employee Moderator

                Adobe has investigated providing .msg support and the issue isn't the fact that the message is compressed.  Adobe attempts to provide the best fidelity possible and with email formats like MSG there is the potential for a variety of other types to be placed within the body of the message.  There is such a myriad of options that the concern was the end result wouldn't be what was desired.  There are a variety of approaches depending upon what you're attempting to do.  For example if it's just the text of the email that you want converted then you could use an email endpoint to pull that information and then convert it.