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    Captivate 3 Crashes While Recording...




      I just lost two hours of work when a co-worker and I sat at my desk recording demonstrations of PeopleSoft, Excel, PDFs, and BusinessObjects.


      The recording of Excel and PDFs was completely fine, but we experienced crashes when trying to change the focus from Peoplesoft to BusinessObjects, or when trying to browse for a file from within Peoplesoft- it would crash on the "Open File" dialog box where you select the item and click open. It specifically crashed when we tried to click the file (before we clicked open).


      I wish I had captured the error message, which was very technical and had something to do with a DLL. In short, it said "Adobe Captivate has encountered an error and needs to close" or something. When I tried to get out of that, I got stuck in some loop. When I gave up and went to my task manager, it looked like I had 32 instances of run32.dll open in the Process Monitor.


      I should mention that we paused the recording every time before changing focus to a different window. Sometimes it would resume recording and sometimes not.


      This happened multiple times (but unfortunately, I cannot try it again so that I can share the error message with you- I don't have the login credentials). We didn't lose the file we were working on, but we lost two other files- one of which wasn't even open!


      I know my description isn't terribly helpful, but has anyone else had problems with pausing, changing focus, or run32.dll errors, or anything?