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    Repeat, over time, a shape across multiple rows, colums


      Master Collection CS4.


      Let's say I want to repeat a shape (say, a square) across x columns through y rows. So, if I had 12 columns and 8 rows, I'd end up with 96 squares.

      Now, I don't want them all displayed at once; rather, I'd like to display one at a time, starting at the upper left, and filling each row successively, at about a rate of six squares per second (the rate is not significant to my question).

      I'm sure I could draw each square individually and place it on the timeline at appropriate intervals to achieve the desired effect, but that seems like a lot of work. I'd rather draw or define one square, and then be able to repeat it programmatically somehow. Is there an After Effect function or perhaps an expression through which I could accomplish this?