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    Set Spry accordian widget to closed by default

    Paevo Kelley Level 2

      I have seen this solution for setting no open by default panel on the Spry accordian widget; i.e. chaging the


      this.defaultPanel = 0;


      to the following:


      Spry.Widget.Accordion = function(element, opts)
      this.element = this.getElement(element);
      this.defaultPanel = -1;
      this.hoverClass = "AccordionPanelTabHover";
      this.openClass = "AccordionPanelOpen";
      this.closedClass = "AccordionPanelClosed";
      this.focusedClass = "AccordionFocused";
      this.enableAnimation = true;
      this.enableKeyboardNavigation = true;
      this.currentPanel = null;
      this.animator = null;
      this.hasFocus = null;
      this.duration = 500;



      However, when I do this none of the panels open when clicked. Are there further changes that need to be made in the .js file to make this work?