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    Rounded Corner Fix Script for CS4

    robert_underwood Level 1

      First of all, I'd like to thank Harbs and everyone else in the Scripting forum for all your help with my scripting needs.

      I am still working on an automated way of changing frames that loose their rounded corners in CS4.

      Plwae see the issue I am reffering to here: http://indesignsecrets.com/cs4-treats-rounded-corner-objects-differently.php


      I currently have a script that will look for inline text frames of a certain color. It will convert the objest to a rectangle, then run the rounded corner script on the object.

      What I would like to add is that it only finds frames that have a certain paragrah style applied.

      The issue is that the script is finding all frames that are colored a certain way, even if it doesn't have text in it. It is converting the triangle frame in the example, and I don't want it to.

      I will pay someone $50.00 to help me. Email me at robertunderwood@me.com directly to discuss and get examplw script and document .