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    Problem when adobe is instaled


      I downloaded adobe reader and when I install all access. exe including the Internet Explorer icon in order changed by one of adobe. when I try to open any adobe opens and says this: "Adobe Reader could not open n 'AcroRd32.exe' because it is not a supported file type or damaged"

      . Please i need help i dont know what can i do.

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          This is a Windows file association issue. Depending on the version of Windows you are using, it

          can be changed one of two ways.


          For Windows 7 and Vista you can click Start and choose Default Programs. From the Control Panel's Default Programs window, you can set default programs for opening specific file types. Unfortunately, Windows will sometimes simply set everything to open with the most recently installed piece of software. Use this panel to undo that.


          In XP its the Set Program Access abd Defaults from the Start Menu or Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.


          Once you make the changes in the Control Panel, newly installed programs shouldn't "take over" files they shouldn't be associated with.

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            Generally Adobe Reader can only open file with .pdf format. It is possible to open  .exe file. You just choose the wrong App to open that document.