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    Converts docx to PDF

    Rocky M.



      My application has a requirement to convert MS Word 2007 (docx or Word ML) file to PDF file on HP Unix server. I'm wondering whether LiveCycle PDF Generator is the solution or not. Could you please advice which Adobe product is more appropriate for our requirement and environment?


      I also have the following items need to be confirmed or corrected,


      1. I have checked LC system requirement, it doesn't support HP Unix or Sybase database. Is this true?


      2. From LC PDF Generator Tutorial, I suspected that LC prints all kind of native documents, via native document editor, to Adobe printer and then generates PDF files. If this is true, how it converts a MS Word file on Unix server which doesn't have MS Word installed?


      3. For the part really does PDF conversion, is it Adobe Acrobat Pro Extend? If it's true, is there any API can be used to programmatically do the conversion?


      Any suggestion will be much appreciated!