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    No formatting applied by template or css

    Chelmich Level 1

      I am about to loose my mind here.


      I have a template all set up with my css attached ect.  Have used this same template to create child templates and between all those templates have created over 100 pages for this website.

      Last night I went to create another one.  I selected "new page from template", chose my template and entered all my information.  I uploaded the page.  NO FORMATTING!!!  NOTHING!  I finally got ticked off and just put out a blank page that said "under construction" because I already had menu items set up for this new page (I didn't test the page before I change the menu.)

      I came back to it today, same thing, no formatting.

      I have looked around and from what I can see, in my TEMPLATE, all my css links are pointed to my local drive but when I save it as an html page, all my css links point to "/WWW/stylesheets" and I can't figure that out since I am supposedly working on my pc not the serverside.  Is it supposed to change the path even when the file in on my PC?

      I also found under Manage Sites - Templates: that the "Don't rewrite document relative path" was checked. . . should it be???  I can't remember.


      DW CS4 is wonderful when it works, but its times like these that make me wonder. . .