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    Why can't I select my keyframes.




      I just ran into an issue were I am no longer able to select my keyframes.  In short..


      • I am not able to right-click any keyframe
      • I can only select the first keyframe in a set of keyframes if my time marker is on that keyframe.  Even in this state I still can not right-click that keyframe.
      • I can not left click any individual keyframes to make the "yellow".  This means I can not left click a keyframe and drag it along the timeline.


      I have tried everything offered at this link with the same results listed above....




      I am assuming this is a option that I am missing with in after effects.  When I revert back to an early project I have none of these issues.  So at some point today I have done something that I can't not resolve.




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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You have time-stretched the layer and the keyframes end up at inaccesible temporal locations, because they do not coincide with discrete frames. Old issue, that should have been fixed in CS4. Are you running the proper 9.0.2 update? If not, install the update. it may fix the issue. If not, undo the time stretch...