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    [svn:fx-4.x] 14827: Fix RTE after re-skinning TitleBar

    Darrell Loverin Level 4

      Revision: 14827

      Revision: 14827

      Author:   dloverin@adobe.com

      Date:     2010-03-17 12:53:58 -0700 (Wed, 17 Mar 2010)

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      Fix RTE after re-skinning TitleBar


      Re-skinning an AIR Window caused the titleBar part to eventually RTE after minimizing and restoring the window. The problem was caused by the titleBar listening to its parent window for display state changes. When the Window was reskinned the old titlebar was still listening to same window although the window was not its parent anymore. This caused the titleBar to find its window was now null and RTE.


      The fix is for the titleBar to listen to the window for removed part events to it can remove its listener on the window.


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      Bugs: SDK-25875

      Reviewer: Alex

      Tests run: check in tests, AIR Window

      Is noteworthy for integration: No


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          flex/sdk/branches/4.x/frameworks/projects/airspark/src/spark/components/windowClasses/Tit leBar.as