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    AE export XFL file - frames missing in Flash... Also SWF problem...

    Tim Sawtelle



      I have a simple jpg header fade effect that I built in AE CS 4 with dissolves between each jpg.   I have exported it as a .swf file and when I place it into the html - it appears slightly distorted and doesn't align with the other graphics above and below it.


      So I have exported it into a XFL file then created the .swf file from flash and it lines up perfectly.  The only problem that I see now is that once I open the XFL file in Flash - there are frames missing after the first dissolve / fade.


      I am pulling my hair out and have looked everywhere to find out if I am doing something wrong or should do it a different way.


      I am just wanting my AE file to end up as a .SWF file that is not distorted and fits the header area.