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    Trouble Importing Frames into AC CS4 9.02.42


      Good afternoon,


      I am having trouble importing the frames for a project into AE CS4, and it seems to be an issue with After Effects remembering a previous attempt and importing these files.


      The first time I tried ti import this project, I hadn't realized that the initially copy of the data from the external drive to my project drive ( internal SATA 1 TB drive) had gotten corrupted becuase Soundbooth had locked up and I had to hard shut down the system while the copy was processing ( lesson learned, never try and start editing Audio on a project while the video frames are still copying to the drive) and AE opened all the files on the drive and then generated an error because the last frames were corrupt.  I deleted the folder on the project drive and recopied the project over from the external drive and let it finish before I tried anything on the system.  I have verified all the frames are intact now on the project drive, I have used Purge All on AE, but when ever I try to import the files into AE, it still stops at frame 32767 and doesnt load the rest of the video.  I need to be able to load all 53813 frames so I can work on this project.  I even renamed the prefix on the files and attempted to load them again, and still it stops at frame 32767.


      Is there a way I am missing to completely purge any history lists, temp files, etc, with Adobe Premiere CS4 and AfterEffects CS4 ?


      I can import a 79 GB uncompressed AVI just fine no issues, so I know it is not a system resources problem, I am on Vista 64 with 8 gb of RAM and loads of free hard drive space.


      Does anyone have anyideas how to resolve this and what I can do to fix AE so it will import this entire project?  I still have to import the second have of the project too which is another half hour worth of frames.


      Thank you,



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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          The maximum number of frames in a still-image sequence is 32,766.


          If you need to work with a larger number of frames, then you need to separate them into two image sequences.

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            IAD_Productions Level 1



            Thanks, I hadn't run into this before with long projects, though, maybe

            because I had to move the projects using smaller drives, that they ended

            up essentially pre-separated into chunks, so I didn't notice that limit.


            I wonder if the 64 bit version of AfterEffects CS5 will remove that




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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              I wonder if the 64 bit version of AfterEffects CS5 will remove that limitation?


              Why should it? You are confusing things here (no offense). This has nothing to do with how much memory AE can handle or any of that, it's good old 16bit integer code that handles the numbering calculations. This is certainly an issue just as deep as the memory handling itself and bound to cause a ton of compatibility problems with older versions, so any change on that end will have to be weighed carefully before changing it. I wouldn't keep my hopes up for any soon-ish action on that end, as certainly it is not the highest priority for 99% of users that only ever handle short sequences...