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    Using DW8 over VPN

      I need to upload files to a non-FTP enabled Windows server via a VPN.

      Anyone know how DW8 can be set up to do this please?
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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional
          This is going to be tricky. What type of access do you have to the server? Do you at least have a remote login?

          If not you will need to contact your system administrator.
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            wetwipe Level 1
            Yes, I have been given a remote log-in and password.

            I can access the server through the VPN without any problem. The problem I'm facing is that when I view the website, the pages 'run', i.e. they display as normal, not in folders. I've accessed via Windows Explorer in the hope that I could get a 'folder' view to which I could upload/edit etc but no go, the pages still display as in a browser.

            I've only ever used CuteFTP to upload data so I'm thoroughly lost.
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              Ben M Adobe Community Professional
              If you can't access the pages via Windows Explorer to transfer files then you will need to either do one of two things.

              1. Contact the system administrator for access.
              2. Develop the site locally and then burn to a CD and send that to your client.

              If you go with the second option you will need the software running on their server so you might want to see if you can duplicate their server. If not, you would need to go with option 1.
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                wetwipe Level 1
                Thanks for your help SnakEyez02.

                Ref your option 1 and the need to contact SysAdmin for access:
                I've already been given access via a log-on and password. Is there something else that SysAdmin can do or should be doing to enable file transfer via the VPN?
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                  Ben M Adobe Community Professional
                  It's not so much just having a log in. They could have done that right. Even if you don't have FTP access you still need access to the file system so that you could at least drag/drop files from your local system to the VPN server. If not, it means that they probably didn't add the proper read/write permissions on the server so that you could put the files on the server. In which case you should contact them and ask them to check the permissions on your login.

                  Then if you at least have read/write access to the server you should be able to go into the Manage Sites area of DW and edit the site you are working on. Then for the FTP tab select local/network. You can then open up the Open Dialog by clicking on the folder (as if you were searching for a file), but you would just need to select the VPN server from your Networks and you should be good to go.
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                    wetwipe Level 1
                    Thanks again.
                    I've gone back to SysAdmin and asked them to check the permissions applied to my log-on. Hopefully they will get back to me in a couple of hours. (if I can work on Sunday then so can they!!)