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    PLEASE help with 24p editing mixed with 29.97


      Hello--I am a newbie to all of this 24p editing. I shot a zombie movie last summer and have a MESS with the footage. Half was shot in 24p advanced mode on the Panasonic AGDVX100a with a 16:9 anamorphic lens, and half shot at 4:3, 29.97 with a Sony DVX2100.


      I realize I need to "conform all of this footage".


      Can I stay on a 29.97 timeline? I heard that dropping 24p adv footage onto a 29.97 timeline results in a "jittery" picture once output to TV.

      Should I edit on a 24p timeline, and convert the 29.97 footage?


      It seems that when I drop my 24p advanced footage into Premiere (CS4), on a 24p timeline--the fouth frame is identical to the fifth. Does this mean that pulldown removal is not happening correctly? How do I fix this?


      Even if I do figure out how to edit on a 24p timeline, when I do my final render, what should my output file be? should I try a 24p DVD?


      Also...This is an EFFECTS HEAVY film. So I need to do an edit in Premier, then render it and bring it into After Effects, do the effects, and do another render...then I will take that render back into Premier. Will this work? What render setting should I use? How will the pulldown be affected, if at all?


      ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! I have scoured the net, but have not come across the right answers yet...please help!!!!