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    Projector seems to freeze when opening ext file


      Ok...I'm back...BTW thank you to everyone that has helped me in the past.


      New Problem:


      I have a DVD that  contains PDF files that I am opening with Acrobat and not in Director using the following code



      on mouseUp(me)

        baOpenFile( the moviePath & "Some Folder/Mypdfdocument.pdf" , "maximised" )

      end mouseUp



      the code works great...opens the file no problem on Mac or PC (by the way I'm using Buddy API for the baOpenFile).


      Now..after opening the PDF...and when the user closes it and returns to the projector (running in a window and animated in the background it will no longer respond to mouseover, mouseclicks...nothing..its frozen on the frame it was on when the user launched the PDF and it seems like all the buttons no longer retain their functionality (e.g., go to "marker" commands)


      what am I missing here? Is there some piece of code I need to add to my movie for it to retain user interactivity even though it is no longer the focus application?


      Thanks for any help you can provide in advance







      Ok..this problem is alot bigger than I initially recognized. Anytime the end user leaves the projector environment all my buttons lose their functionality..mouseovers, mouseups etc.


      I have the prebuilt cursor change attached to stage sprites and the mouseover button animations (changes graphics on MouseEnter and MouseLeave) embedded in the cast members script. All of this works fine until the end users clicks off the projector on another application or launches a video or pdf from the projector...point is once the projector no longer is the focus application it ceases to work at all and responds to nothing the end user does.


      In every case the user simply clicked a button that launched baOpen code and i'm holding the playhead with simple code "go to the frame"


      Help..I'm pulling my hair out...60+ hours of work dead if I can't figure this out




      All of this only happens when running the projector from the DVD in the structure I plan to burn it. It does not do any of the above when I run the director movie and test the buttons