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    Problems Starting After Effects!!!


      Hi guys,


      I've installed AE and put the serial in on my MAC, and when I start up AE I continue to get the following message: After Effects error: Crashed while initializing PDFL. This might be caused by a bad font installed on your system. I've checked all my fonts and have removed any bad fonts. I have even uninstalled AE have reinstalled done the AE update to 9.2 and still get the same error. Is there any solution for this?


      The Last Logged Message reads as follows:


      Last log message was: <2686600992> <AppDirs> <5> Required Dir =        /Applications/Adobe After Effects CS4/Adobe After Effects CD4.app/Contents/Required

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          PDFL is the shared library for importing vector filre formats (AI/ PDF/ EPS). Nothing to do with your fonts, most likely. Acrobat on the system and working? Does Preview dispaly PDFs? Anything else with regards to printing, and document handling we might need to know? When you reinstalled, did you run the CS4 Clean Script/ Utility?



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            I am having a similar problem, although I have no error re: the PDFL, AE CS4 crashes on me every launch when the splash screen shows "Initializing Type Engine". I've gotten it to work in Safe Mode, but that's it. See details at this thread:






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              Hi i have the same PDFL error with After Effects and Illustrator also don´t open it but i don't see an illustrator message but i think it's connected for what you said... all other Acrobat applications works fine... I can see PDFs on Preview, i haven't issues to print. I reinstalled 3 times all CS4 but AE an Illust don't oppened.. and i don't understand what you mean of "Clean Script/ Utility"

              Could i post here all the problem report of the two programs to find the solution??? or what you suggest to do???


              Please Help! u_u