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    Color Code is not working, please help


      I am using the color code 080808 from adobe photoshop as my background for my template.  When i put the JPG file into dreamweaver and try to set the page properties in dreamweaver (background) to 080808 it is putting me at pure black.  please help me.080808 is not a pure black its a shade of it.  I need a color code that matches 080808 correctly.  thanks


      I am using adobe CS3

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          370H55V Level 4


          How does it look in a browser? The two colors are almost indistinguishable.


          I find a lot of times, what I see in DW and what I see in Firefox, IE or Safari aren't the same.


          I have a site that uses FFE752 (a yellowish color) for the BG and GIFs look a different color when I'm editing, but they're seamless in the browser.


          If you've set the page background to 080808, it should be a dark dark dark grey, but DW might make it look black on your monitor.

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            John Blaustein Level 4

            I'm not quite sure I understand exactly what you are doing, but I ran into something like this myself.  I was creating GIFs in Photoshop -- type on a background color.  I then created DW pages.  I used the same color code for the background color in PS and again for the background color in DW, but when I inserted the images in the page, they did not match.  It turned out that when I created a new file in PS, I was creating it in my default color space, Adobe RGB.  I assumed that when Save For Web converted the file to sRGB, the colors would convert perfectly.  What I found is that I should have been creating my PS files by starting with a new file in sRGB color space.  Once I did that, the background color of my images identically matched the background color of my DW page.


            Hope this helps.