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    Green screen with AVC_Intra 100


      Been using the hpx300 for approx two months mostly in 720p with great results. Just wraped our first true HD green screen shoot using avc-intra 100 at 24p with the intent of producing a white background mac-ad type, 5 min talking head corporate piece in SD. I had the camera mounted at 90 degrees to capture the 1920 pixels of subjects head-to-toe so I could then manipulate individual zoom and placement in post within a SD timeline. I've got two issues: one is that the images in post seem noisy, and any movement, as in subjects walking across screen, is a total mess - I say seem because all recording and playback on location looked just fine on a 1920x1200 monitor via blackmagic i/o box. I normally do basic editing in premiere with much help from AE for composting and color correction etc. Keylight has always worked great in the past. I must have something wrong with settings in the avc-intra HD content? Secondly, workflow is a bit convoluted... Keylight doesn’t apply in premiere, and AE doesnt do avc-intra. The workaround is to export avc-intra premiere timeline to AE and key that.  In theory it should work just fine, but again my images are just noisy. Could this PR to AE workflow degrade image quality?  Any suggestion greatly appreciated! Thanks, Matt

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          Sounds like the color space conversion is simply intensifying compression artifacts that are there in any case. It's a compressed format, after all. You might need to check some specific CoDec options to get a better conversion. Short of that I have no idea, since I don't have access to such files ATM, but if you can provide a short clip somewhere (rapidshare, yousendit etc., ca. 30-100 MB), I might have a look and be able to offer more specific guidance how to work around the issue.