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    The problem with scratch disk space.


      I have been using Priemere products for over ten years now and have run into a problem recently using Premiere Pro that surprised me.  I was editting a project last week that required me to reuse a lengthy clip several times.  I would set a different in/out point with each use because the clip was not broken up into separate pieces when it was captured.  This is the first time that I have had to do this with such a long clip so I never encountered this problem before.  After saving a considerable amount of different versions of the same clip, I received a notice that the hard drive that I was saving the project in was full. 


      When I checked the project file I found that with each use of the long clip, Premiere would save the entire clip under the preview files sub-folder.  This meant that in no time at all I had compiled a total of 35 gig of video files from a single 1.2 gig original.  I determined after the fact that I could have redefined a different in/out point on the same original clip without having to reinsert it each time.  This would have resulted in a much smaller preview file size. 


      I have two questions.  First, is there some way for me to easily back out all of the duplicate clips from the project window of Premiere so that the preview sub-folder size decreases?  Second, will Premiere always duplicate every clip that I select for the timeline in the scratch disk file?  This seems like a tremendous waste of space even though it is suppose to improve realtime preview.  I always thought that the project file just recorded the locations of the clips and when and where to use them.  Maybe I have been wrong all of these years or maybe Adobe Premiere has become more demanding over the years.  Either way, some clarification on these points would be greatly appreciated.