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    Providing new visual effects info and access without braking forum 'sTOU

    luca fx

      Dear all,

      I have recently  developed some visual effects (mainly transitions) that are both Mac and  PC compatible as well as Final Cut Pro/Motion and Adobe Premiere  Pro/After Effects compatible.


      I have read in the past countless posts of  people looking for these effects/transitions (camera light leaks and  other light transitions).


      While I would be delighted to show here, to Adobe  Premiere users, a wide range of these fx,  I am aware that I cannot  choose this venue for such purpose since they are not completely for  free (though they are sold for a ridiculous price).


      So the  question is, what site would be best to provide Adobe Premiere users  with web links and info about these new transitions of mine so that  users have the freedom and advantage to take a look?


      I am a FCP  (6.0.5) user and Premiere Pro (1.5) user.


      Thank you in advance for any  suggestion,