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      I've just downloaded several geography books from an online e-book shop for work. The problem is that when I open them into Digital Editions, it appears under titles such as "Microsoft Wordd_ouvrage 6615" which does not tell me which book it is and is very inconvenient (I spend so much time opening several of them before I can read the one I want...). So here's my question: How can I change the title under which it appears in Digital Editions?

      I really can't work in these conditions...

      Thanks for helping!

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          Unfortunately no, there is no way to modify the title in the UI of Digital Editions (yet). If the files are not using ACS4 content protection then you should be able to edit the title in a PDF Editor such as Adobe Acrobat.


          If the files are using ACS4 content protection, then if you feel comfortable editing .xml file you can change the title in the manifest.xml file in your (My) Digital Editions folder (look for the dc:title elements in the contentRecords)


          Good Luck