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    Premiere Import Issues: Mac = Ok, Windows = Crash??




      I'm having some import issues, and i can't figure out what the problem is.


      I shot some images with my camera (JVC HDV PRO) and them imported them using FinalCutPro on a Macbookpro. Then, when i tried to import the MOV files into Premiere on a Windows computer, the following error occured: "Codec missingh or unavailable".

      I also had some trouble with playing some of the MOV files in VLC player, VLC crashed continuously when i skipped/scrubbed through the file .


      So i went back to the first computer (MBP), originally to re-import the files using another program, but when i imported the ORIGINAL files (the ones that wouldnt work on Windows) on premiere on the MAcbookpro, it worked????


      So what's the big deal here? Obviously Premiere isnt the issue... but what is?


      Also, i noticed that files I shot with another camera but in HDV 1080p25 caused no problems whatsoever, and that the troublesome files I just talked about were shot in HDV 720p25.



      I dont know all that much about formats and stuff, but i do know that i need these files to work on both computers, otherwise i'm pretty much screwed...


      I'd really appreciate some help, i'm quite desperate....