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    Update Files on Flash Drive from Server


      Good morning!


      I have a very basic Director project that is running on a flash drive. Basically it is a simple file launcher. I have a projector, my .DXR file and a folder of PDFs that the director project launches. However, my client now wants a utility in the project that will allow the users to click a button to do a search on a server and download any new or updated files. This sounds more complicated than my limited Director knowledge will allow for! It would be great if there was a standalone solution that I could just put in some parameters and set up on the CD as its own "update" program.


      If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them!

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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          I have been tackling a couple of very similar things recently. I don't think you'll find an off-the-shelf solution, but don't let my saying that stop you looking.


          All of this can be managed from within Director, be it an FTP server or "regular" HTTP that you download content from. Perhaps the largest hurdle is knowing whether the content available on the server should be downloaded or not. On the client side you need to remember what's already been downloaded and know what's available. This is easier if the server maintains a record of files available and their modification date (or some sort of versioning scheme). Then the client grabs this single file, makes a comparison with what it "remembers" it's already downloaded, obtains anything fresh, and updates its "remember" system.