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    hilite field line

      Im trying to hilite the mouseline of a field on mouseup, but the result returned is -1, indicating the mouse is not over a field, but it is. Then it hilites every line in the field.

      Im using the same script as for other hiliting of lines in fields, which works, so I don't know why its not working.

      Any ideas? Thanks.
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          Angular Dashpot
          Make sure you substract the top of the fieldsprite when you use locVToLinePos
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            Chunick Level 3
            Attach this code to your field member sprite as a behavior:

            property mem

            on beginSprite me
            mem = sprite(me.spriteNum).member

            on mouseUp me
            ln = the mouseLine

            I've tested it on the sprite of a field member, so if it doesn't work for you then you might be using a flashComponent or text member.
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              insane123 Level 1
              Thanks, but it did the same thing. Im not using a flash component and it is a field not text. Im not sure what else to try.

              Also, another problem... when using 'set the top if sprite' on a field, it moves the whole field on the stage, keeping the field the same size instead of just increasing the top of the field. What am I doing wrong?