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    Minimize child container to the bottom of parent container

    miguel8312 Level 3

      in the dashboard example by WASI they basically minimize and maximise the panel to the bottom of the parent container. I have spent two days with no success... its rather frustuating. i try to compile the dashboard but i get the error cannot open libs.... what the hell?? there is not even a libs folder on the dam project. I saw from another post that a fellow member was able to overcome that by simply copying the libs folder from one project they had to the dashboard project but this also did not work for me.

      Anywho i need something really simple all i would like to do is have a panel that on click it maximises or minmise to the bottom of the parent container kind of like a desktop window would and like they do here in the dashboard example. http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/samples/dashboard/dashboard.html


      Please any help would be appreciated!!!