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    UDP Connection Problem caused by Trojan

    Ntype Level 1
      Hi, there is a connection Problem with infected Computers. 20-25% of average User Computers are infected with hijacking Trojans which making connections to UDP Protocolls difficult.
      The new Shockwave Player bundles a Anti-Virus Software - thats fine.
      I hope the udp protcoll could continue cause its much better than the Flash TCP stuff.

      And for realtime games UPD is the first choice -of cause.

      I hope Adobe could modify the Flash Communication Server for the UDP Protocoll and could supply a framework for professional Network-Code in shockwave. Open source and/or interfaces for Java and/or Own Servers would empower the promulgation of shockwave cause i think everybody know that chiefs suffer from stinginess.

      The fault is not the developer