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    TileList does not recognize the size of vertical Scroll Bar

    sebastiantoro84 Level 1


            I have a tileList with a custom vertical scroll bar that I made, the problem is that when the tilelist gets filled, it does not recognize that the vertical scroll bar width is not the default 16 pixels (I think the default value it's 16, but I'm not really sure) but 5 or 6 pixels, so the first time it gets filled it shows 3 columns of items (no problems with the rows). The columnWidth is set to 185, if I lower it to 180, it shows the 4 columns that I want it to show (instead of 3). I know that there is enough space because when I scroll down, and then scroll up, the fourth column appears. That's why I think that the TileList is not recognizing that the width of the vertical scroll Bar is less than the default width.


      Does anybody know how to make it recognize the new width? And how is  it that it has to take a scroll down to get it to recognize it.


      Thank you for your help.


      Sebasti'an Toro O.