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    spaces in between images ; textbox help


      in my dreamweaver HTML page, after i insert say like, 5 images, they clump all together, and i'm unable to separate them (like how i'd be able to do them in microsoft powerpoint)


      is there anyway that will enable me to freely shift around these images, so that they are not always joined together?


      another questions, how can i insert a space for me to type what i want, without the annoying form box, where you fill in stuff in surveys. it'd be like inserting a text box in microsoft ppt, just allocating a space for you to put in your words


      hope you guys know what i mean!



      EDIT: i've realised that i can put in the H and V space. but how would i say, put in a paypal "buy now" button HTML code, under that space? is the space usable?