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    Modifying PlaceMultipagePDF.jsx


      Hi there,
      I need to merge two pdf files: one with 140 pages of pictures and design elements and another pdf file with the according text pages - first german, then english, french et cetera. By merging I mean putting one page on top of the other, maybe as a separate layer, not after another.
      Using the predefined script "PlaceMultipagePDF.jsx" I've added the pages of the first pdf to an InDesign document. When I tried to add the text pdf file on a second layer, the first page of text is laid on top of the first existing picture page (as intended), after that the text pages 2-140 are inserted, then picture pages 2-140 follow, adding to 279 pages.
      Could someone please tell me how to merge the pages as I intend to by modifying the .jsx file? Or at least give me a hint? Text page 1 and picture page 1, text page 2 and picture page 2 and so on.
      Thanks a lot in advance, Tim