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    Adobe PE8 Help needed...blocky images when in play mode.


      I have a Problem with blobby images and frame rates ( not sure if frame rates is the correct word!)


      I'm attempting to captured my DVD from disc onto the program, which i have done, It loads ok, however it seems to be all blobby, blocky squares on the screen, as soon as it run plays.  The audio runs fine.


      My system in case anyone wants to know is Dell Dimension DXP051  Intel(R) Pentuim(R) 4CPU 3.00 Ghz 2.99 Ghz 3.50 gb RAM, although there is 4gb in there, i have added the rest in the past 6 months !, why it only show 3.5 i don't know! 1 x 160 gb HDD, 1 x 500 HDD, both internal and a 1.5 TB external HDD, plenty of HDD space! although i'm not sure if the RAM is enough? i have quite a few software programs, however I never have more than 1-4 running at the same time, only have PE8 running on its own at the moment.


      Anyway going back to my issue, it seems to do this even if i put 3,4 images in the timeline, ( on a seperate project) is this an issue with my PC, graphics card to do with PE8, I have installed the updates by the way. Any help would be appreciated.


      I do not seem to have this issue with other picture programes.