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    Change Global Navigation Links

    Beewax2278 Level 1

      OK, i have a site up and running for my customer, which they are extremely happy with being able change the pages and information. However, the dreaded question came when they asked "How do i add another page to the global navigation"


      Currently the global navigation is locked in a dreamweaver template, so that i can spider through any changes easily enough through the other pages...there are quite a few.


      I can;t exaclty say you cant add a new gloabl navigation page to a CMS website!


      So does anybody know how i can allow the client to add a link to the gloabl avigation than will appear on all the other pages....without having to manually go to every page to add the new link?


      I have looked a little bit into Server Side Includes, but if anyone has any suggestions...i would love to hear it please.


      It would be good if you could have an adminstrator change a dreamweaver tempalte page via contribute should they wish to makea global change.


      Thanks in advance.

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          CVK-USA Level 1

          Short answer: I think SSI is the way to go especially considering Contribute CS5...


          I ended up placing the main menu into an editable region for one of my clients.. he's happy with it. I guess with recent Contribute versions, a library object might work as well.

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            Same here. My client wants to edit sidebar

            menu's which are server side includes. I've read all the instructions for editing permissions in Admin.




            But after all that, when I get to actually trying to cursor into the sidebar "editible region" it won't allow my cursor.


            I have a work around but I subbornly want to make it work like the instruction say.


            What am I missing here?



            Contribute CS5


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              Dominic Michael Adobe Employee


              The templates used to create pages having the code for left frame:




              <div id="leftsidebar_frame">


              <div id="leftsidebar_content">




                                               <!--#include virtual="../fw-includes/fw-menu-left.ssi"-->






              <!--LEFTSIDEBAR FRAME END-->




              Please change it to:


              <div id="leftsidebar_frame">


              <div id="leftsidebar_content">

                                              <!-- #BeginEditable "leftmenu" -->

              <!--#include virtual="../fw-includes/fw-menu-left.ssi"-->

                                              <!-- #EndEditable -->



              <!--LEFTSIDEBAR FRAME END-->


              And remove <!-- #BeginEditable "leftmenu" --> and <!-- #EndEditable --> from the included fw-menu-left.ssi file.


              Hope this helps you.