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    chris w123


      This may be out of order, but i have just about had enought


      is there anybody in Ashford Kent who i can sit down with for 1 hour to walk me through uploading to a web server with Dreamweaver and FileZila




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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm not much help to you being in Australia, but what problems are you having?

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            osgood_ Level 8

            I'm in Rochester, Kent but have no experience of KillerZilla.


            When I tried to download it just now the icon just disappeared from the dock in OS 10.4. so that in itself didn't fill me will a lot of confidence.


            I think it don't work with 10.4


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              chris w123 Level 1

              Hi John


              Long story short


              Could not upload on DW so a friend done it for me on FileZila, i did not have a clue what he did, needed to make changes, friend now in hospital,

              now i can't upload the new stuff because i haven't got a clue what i'm doing



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                Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Setting Up a New Site Connection in FileZilla


                1) Hit File > Site Manager > New Site button


                2) Type in your Site Name and hit Enter.


                3) ENTER SERVER DETAILS:


                HOST: Type in your server's address (this should be the server number or name provided by your web host)


                SERVER TYPE:  Try selecting FTP - File transfer protocol.  If unsure which type to use, ask your host.


                LOGON TYPE: If your host requires a password, select Ask For Password.

                If no password is required, select Anonymous Log-in. Again, if unsure which setting to use, ask your host.


                USER: Type your username.


                PASSWORD: Type in your password.


                Hit OK.  Hit CONNECT button.



                FILEZILLA Getting Help



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                  John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  What Nancy said.


                  Q1: do you have the FTP login information from your web host?


                  FTP server:



                  Host directory: (optional)


                  If not, you first need to obtain this from your web host.


                  Then it's a matter of filling in some info in DW's Site Manager and you're away.


                  Doesn't matter if you use FileZilla or DW for uploading, the FTP login info is the same.