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    Button click, leaving projector focus and frozen interactivity


      Hello all,


      I'm am attempting to reword my problem (posted in another post) so as to facilitate getting assistance.




      A button with a mouseover effect attached via a behavior script with the following code


      -- code that changes the background image when mousing over the button and turns an arrow to point towards button being clicked

      on mouseEnter(me)

      sprite(9).member = member("QSpick")

      sprite(1).member = member("background02")

      end mouseEnter


      -- code that changes the background image and arrow back to the original prior to mouse enter

      on mouseLeave (me)

      sprite(9).member = member("pick")

      sprite(1).member = member("background01")

      end mouseLeave


      -- code that open a pdf in adobe acrobat

      on mouseUp(me)

      baOpenFile( the moviePath & "User Manuals/ThePDFname.pdf" , "maximised" )

      end mouseUp


      I am also using the prebuilt Mouseover Member change behavior from the Behavior Library to change the graphic of the button when the user mouses over it


      What happens when the button is clicked:


      The PDF launches fine full screen in Adobe Acrobat (we're assuming adobe acrobat reader is installed)...however if the end user closes adobe reader and returns to the projector file none of the buttons are interactive nor do the mouse enter behaviors work. It's as if the projector freezes in place.




      I feel the solution is simple but I'm overlooking it...do I need to do something with the playhead to ensure the projector doesn't lose button interaction when the user returns to it? I'm holding the playhead at a marker with the prebuilt hold on current frame behavior.


      Do I need to update the stage? Create a stage size clear sprite that detects mouse enter and updates the stage?


      How do I keep the interactivity of the buttons and keep the projector timeline running (looping) in the background once the user clicks to launch the external PDF. I have made sure that my stub projector publish setting were set to animate in the background so that's not the issue.


      Any suggestions?



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          Mike Blaustein Level 4

          On the Publish settings screen, Projector tab, there is a checkbox for "Animate in background".  Is that what you are looking for?

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            Dignified_Dude Level 1



            I've made sure that is checked...it is..


            Basically when the user clicks the button the PDF launches...but the projector freezes on the Mouseover state of the projector




            when they close acrobat and come back to the projector it is stuck in a Mouseover state and none of the buttons are interactivity. Otherwards, the mouseovers no longer works, mouseups don't respond...I've run a check to see if the movie is fact frozen and it it not..If I keep clicking on and off the focus of the projector eventually I get some buttons to allow the mouseup event to process and the playhead begins going where it's supposed to.


            I know it's something simple..but I just can't seem to figure it out..it's just freezing in the Mouseover state once the PDF launches and the director projector is no longer the focus application.

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              Dignified_Dude Level 1

              I'm still hoping for some help with this problem.




              Essentially what is happening is when a end user mouses over or clicks a graphic button that has behaviors attached for mouseenter, mouseleave, mouseup it change the background image (which I want), changes the graphic of the button (which I want), changes the cursor (which I want). When they click the button it launches a PDF externally from the DVD in Acrobat.


              If the end user goes up to the toolbar and closes Acrobat and then clicks back on the projector is appears to be frozen in the mouseEnter state of the above mentioned button. All other buttons lose their MouseEnter animations and interactivity...basically the projector is frozen and does not respond to user interaction that is there.


              All of this works fine when I run the movie from Director...the above problem only occurs on a Macintosh and from the macProjector.app file