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    Skinning Spark Components in Flash CS4?

    Christopher McArthur

      I cant find any information on how to skin spark components from Flash, perhaps using something similiar to the Flash Component Kit for Flex3.


      Here are two examples of Flex Components I would like to build in Flash.


      1) A normal "Button" skin. Positioning the text label, and creating all of the up/down/over/etc states and transitions in Flash.

      2) A "container" skin, that has some sort of flash graphic, with a container area, where an image is injected into this container from the Flex code.


      Both of these are things that we currently do in Flex3. But, there is some jankiness there, and I like a lot of the stuff in Flex 4's spark, so would like to figure out how to do these things with the spark components.


      Is this possible in Spark? If not what is the expected workflow for the more artist-driven components?


      I did find this article on doing it through illustrator http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Flex/4.0/html/WS145DAB0B-A958-423f-8A01-12B679BA0CC7.html

      But, that didnt make it clear to me how to make it work with a Button skin, or do the image injection I referred to earlier.