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    CSS layout question regarding browser sizing




      Basically I want the basis of my site to be - A header, Main content with a background image, A Footer.


      I'm having problems however, I can't seem to get my footer to position where I want it i.e. at the bottom of the browser window at all times. I'm doing it as an AP div and how it should work is that it's fixed at the bottom of the page and then if the user resizes their browser in the y direction the footer moves up with it, over the top of the main content (but not the header which will have a higher z-index).


      The way I THOUGHT to do it was to firstly create a div tag for the whole page (780 pixels wide, auto left and right margins, auto height) and then inside that put my ap div header fixed height at the top and have another ap div as the footer, fixed height and tell it to position 0 pixels from the bottom. However this doesn't seem to do the trick, I'm sure I'm missing something really really simple. Anyone who's vaguely familiar with the program will be able to answer this I'm sure. If my question isn't clear please let me know and I'll rephrase,