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    write document then renderPDFForm


      I have a document in a document-variable and need to use renderPDFForm. It seems renderPDFForm will only render a hard file from the Adobe server and has no functionality to render a document contained in a variable. So, I need to save the document to the Adobe server and have it pull from there. I can't seem to get paths right. A document name and document version are provided as input. In a script that populates the document variable I'm also setting some variables to be used by makeDirectory and writeDocument. For instance if the form name is "travel_voucher" and the version is "1.0", I'm setting the following variables:


      temp_folder = repository:////GenericProcesses/temp/travel_voucher/


      temp_file_write = repository:////GenericProcesses/temp/travel_voucher/1.0.z


      temp_file_render = /GenericProcesses/temp/travel_voucher/1.0.z


      I want to use makeDirectory with temp_folder. I want to use writeDocument with temp_file_write. I then want to use renderPDFForm with tempfile_render. If I manually put a document in resources and skip the file stuff it renders OK. The problem I'm having is how to construct the path for use with the directory and write functions. Please help!