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    Animating a mask path and item scale value - Help


      Hey all,


      I was hoping to get some clarification on some animation I am trying to do in AE. I am animating the scale of an image to have it go from large to small while using a mask on it. When I create the key frames I also create keyframes for the mask path and adjust it accordingly, however it is doing something odd. It appears to be adding some kind of weird easing effect, not sure what else to call it, that causes the mask path to grow first and then shrink. I only have 2 key frames for the mask path and 2 for the image scale, neiter have had any kind of animation keyframe assist applied to them ( regular keyframes) . It's as if it is scaling the mask path up. I have done this process with position and mask path before and had no issues.


      Does anyone have any idea why it might be doing this. I have tried looking elsewhere for an answer with no luck, any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you.