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    Properties Bar Partly Missing!


      I'm fairly new to Dreamweaver, and just trying to get started.  However, every time I load up DW, the properties bar at the bottom of the screen is incomplete.  By this, I mean the grey box at the bottom of the design window that, when HTML is selected, says Format, Class, Title, ID, Link, Target.  The bottom half of  the ID, Link and Target text boxes are missing, most of Title and Target is missing to the right, only a small portion of each of these is visible.  When CSS is selected, the same thing happens with other text boxes appropriate to that.  It doesn't seem to matter what I do, if I try to make the windows bigger etc.


      I'd be very grateful if someone can help, because this is very frustrating.  I wanted to set a target for a page as Main Frame, but I've had no success in doing that.  Thanks very much in advance!