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    TOO many activations - looks like everyone has problem


      My case number is

      Case #0181489003

      I've been waiting since March 13. Still waiting to get it reset.

      If so many people are having this problem why isn't adobe trying to fix it? Is it b/c it is a free program?



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          Jim Lester Level 4

          As a note to anybody submitting a support case for E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACIVATIONS, provide both the AdobeID you are using the activate Digital Editions as well as the full and exact error message (with all the number/letters) and it will help get the problem resolved in a timely fashion.


          Such as in this case, although she opened the case on 3/13, and it was responded to with a request for her AdobeID within two hours, to which she responded with the AdobeID on 3/15 (2 days later).  The expected close rate after the correct information has been recieved is 3-5 days, and this has already been bumped up to the appropriate level and should be taken care of shortly, so I'm not going to jostle support's elbows on this one.