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    Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Scratch Disk Anomoly


      Okay, I ran into an odd problem.


      I have a 1TB firewire external drive that I would like to use as my main scratch disk.  Every time I try to set my SDs to that drive, through both the capture window and through the Edit>Preferences menu, I have problems.  At first it told me I didn't have permission to write to the drive.  I think I've fixed that.  But now there is an error during batch capture.  It says there was an unknown recorder error.


      This most recent time I logged 3 clips and set it to batch capture.  One clip, the final one in the group that I logged, captured with no problems.  But the first two didn't capture.  I tried to re-batch those two and in the capture window, where it displays the remaining disk space as it captures, it read that there was only 4.0 GB of space available, and within a minute it gave me the recorder error message.  I've got almost 900 GB open on that drive.  What's the deal?


      And I am confused as to why one clip out of the three captured successfully.


      Can anyone shed some light on this?  Any help is much appreciated, this project deadline is coming up soon.