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    Bugged Action

    Outis Sisyphides Level 1

      I've made a simple Action in Illustrator CS4, in WinXP, it saves the current document and then export the artboards into PNG's.  It used to work fine, but for no apparent reason it has started to malfunction recently.


      Two weird things happen now:


      Firstly, when I run the Action, it starts saving the doc.  If at this point I switch to another application window, Illustrator will not proceed to exporting the PNG's after saving.  It only starts the export once I switch Illustrator back in focus.


      Secondly, this Action only works properly once per session.  After the first run, the Action will save but it won't export at all.  It may be worth noting that it does show the override prompt for export, but it doesn't actually export anything.


      Any idea what may be the cause and how I can fix it?


      Also, is there a way to make an action that automatically override exports without prompting?



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Also, is there a way to make an action that automatically override exports without prompting?


          Override Save and Export commands in the Batch dialog? Your other issue may depend on the settings you chose in the Action options - Step by Step vs. Accelerated and how you treat warnings.



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            Outis Sisyphides Level 1

            Thanks for the response.


            I've just doublechecked, my action playback setting is already set to "Accelerated".  I don't know where is the warning settings, though.  But I haven't had any warning messages either.


            By "automatically override exports without prompting", I meant that when Illustrator exports PNG's, and there are already files with the same file names, Illustrator prompts if I want to override the files.  I'd like to make it so that the Action overrides the files without prompting.



            In fact, I've noticed that Illustrator doesn't save the setting if I set the playback option to "step by step".  When I restart Illustrator, the option is set back to Accelerated.