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    Setting up a Subdomain in Dreamweaver

    sausage dog

      I am having problems setting up a subdomain on my website; for the purposes of this example I will call the website www.mysite.co.uk.


      1. Setting up the domain:


      I have logged into my host control panel and created a subdomain called elephant.


      Once the subdomain has been created I am given the following informaition:


      subdomain: http://elephant.mysite.co.uk

      map files to: http://www.mysite.co.uk/elephant/


      2. FTP settings for my main website at www.mysite.co.uk:


      These are all in the root folder /, and within this folder I have created a new folder called elephant.  If I am correct, I should be able to place another , older website, into the folder called elephant, and access this content by typing http://elephant.mysite.co.uk into the web browser. 

      3. Uploading the subdomain files


      In Dreamweaver I enter the following details into the |FTP settings box:


      FTP HOST: elephant.mysite.co.uk

      File location: elephant/ (when connecting via FTP it should recognise the folder and upload my files into it)


      4. The problem accessing the files


      I have placed all files, including the index.html file, into the elephant folder which has been set as the folder in which files are mapped into, but when I access http://elephant.mysite.co.uk nothing appears adn I get an error saying file not found?


      Any ideas?

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          Step 3 your file location appears to be the issue.  If your FTP domain is setup with the subdomain, you should not need a path point to a folder within that subdomain, otherwise it would be like going to www.yourdomain.com/subdomain/subdomain .  So you would end up with a file not found error because the files ended up one level further.  Otherwise you can FTP to yourdomain.com with the path of /subdomain. 

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            Robert Heist II Level 3

            Alternately, you can change the ftp host to mysite.co.uk

            and then set the location to the elephant/ dir


            You either use the subdomain in the ftp host OR you set the root dir to elephant/


            Either way DW will probably complain that your new site's root dir is contained within another defined site but you can ignore that.


            Of course, you could also not define a new site in DW at all and just upload the elephant/ dir from your main site using it's log in.  Just as long as the dir and files gets uploaded to the right place it doesn't really matter how they get there.  *smile*

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              sausage dog Level 1

              Thanks for your replies.  I will try when I get home to see if I can get this thing sorted