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    ifilter not working with Microsoft Indexing Service


      I'm running the Adobe Reader 9.3.1 on our Windows 2003 Server utilizing the Indexing Service.  Our indexing was working until something changed and we lost all indexing for any pdf.  Other documents were operating fine.


      I ran the install for the latest reader believing that maybe some other update had caused the problem.  I've set up a test environment with a clean Windows 2003 Standard Server utilizing the Indexing Service and successfully recreated the issue.  On the clean server, I installed Adobe Reader 9.3.1, created a catalog with 5 pdf files in the target folder, indexed the files, and attempted to search using the query tool available for managing the Indexing Service.


      Adobe ifilter v6 solves the problem but does not generate the Characterization (Abstracts) nor is the VPath available.  I've been at this for two days trying different alternatives, searching the web, and coming up with a whole lot of nothing.


      Any thoughts, hints, or ideas appreciated!