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    Can´t open the illustration, can´t complete requested operation. HELP!

    Señor Coconut

      As the topics says. I have a problem with an adobe file in cs4.

      It worked perfectly last night the next day it couldn´t open and the

      message I got was the one in the topic title. Then the file opens but blank.

      It´s blank in preview, when I place it in both indesign and illustrator.

      It´s blank in ps and I also tried the recover string function with changing the

      number 0 to 1 and then press command+option+shift and make a copy, open it

      in textedit and edit the text string but nothing there. The file still has some

      kind of information in it cause it is around 360 mb. Is there any way to fix it?





      (Read about it here in the forum, a few people had the same problem

      but I couldn´t find any solution.)