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    OSMF player stutters with an RTMP stream

    Mr Binitie

      I’ve just set up a simple RTMP feed for an OSMF player. The Stream stutters very very badly - I’ve set up the buffer trait but to no avail. With the default Flex3/Gumbo SDK Video class the video plays with no problems what so ever.

      Any suggestions?


      public function play(s:MessageEvent):void




      mediaplayer.mediaElement = s.data[’media’];

      var playTrait:PlayTrait = s.data[’media’].getTrait(MediaTraitType.PLAY) as PlayTrait;

      var bufferTrait:BufferTrait = s.data[’media’].getTrait(MediaTraitType.BUFFER) as BufferTrait;

      if (bufferTrait && !bufferTrait.buffering && playTrait && playTrait.playState == PlayState.PLAYING)


      bufferTrait.bufferTime = 2.0;



      catch(e:Error) {Logger.info(e.message)}