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    URLs in CS3

    Jeffrey Kahn

      I'm using Flash Pro SC3.

      I'm not able to get my swf animation to open an external URL from the last frame.
      I created a "Skip Intro" button and added code that works (see code below):

      skip_intro_btn,addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, buttonClickHandler);
      function buttonClickHandler (event:MouseEvent) :void {
      navigateToURL(new URLRequest (" http://www.thechirp.org/public/htm/home.htm"));
      trace("I'm clicked");

      The above works great...
      but when I add the code (see below) to my last frame the links don't work.

      getURL(" http://www.thechirp.org/public/htm/home.htm", "_self");

      How can I get both to work together? Or do I need to use a "goto" for the "skip intro" button?

      This was not a problem in earlier versions.

      Please help!