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    Help with scripting TOC


      Is there a way to script creating the TOC? (PC, CS4 InDesign)


      When I create the TOC I go through a number of actions:


      Select "Table of Contents..." from the Layout menu,


      I then select certain items in the TOC window, such as "include book documents..."


      I then select the styles from the right-hand list and 'add' to the left-hand list.


      I would like to have a script that would select the styles in the right-hand list by style name.


      I know that I can set a style for the TOC, but that has caused some issues with my co-workers. For example, if one of my co-workers places a "headings" style into a style group in one section (document) in a book, and another group with a different group name in another section (document) in the final book, then that style name is repeated multiple times in the right-hand list in the toc dialog. So, a TOC style is beyond their comprehension. It just confuses them.


      So, rather than set a toc style, I would like to script the process. Is it possible to get the right-hand list out, filter it through a script that looks for any style with the word "head" in it, move it to the left-hand list, apply a toc style and done?


      any suggestions are appreciated.


      Thank in advance,